La route Napoléon

From our hotel in Corps you can discover this surprising historic road, beloved by tourists. Inaugurated in 1932, it is a reconstruction of the path followed by the Emperor on his return from Elba, from Golfe-Juan where he disembarked to Grenoble. On 6 March 1815, Napoléon and his troops slept in Corps. On 7 March, the imperial troops encountered royalist troops in Laffrey, sent by Louis XVIII to stop him. Napoléon cried "It's me, do you recognise me? If there anyone of you who wants to kill his Emperor, then he should fire: here I am!” Stirred by his words, the king's soldiers rallied to his cause crying "Long live the Emperor!" The equestrian statue of Napoléon, erected on what is now known as the Meadow of the Meeting, commemorates this episode and proudly dominates Laffrey Lake in Isère.

Between lakes and mountains

The Corps region is a wonderful place where every season is stunning. The beauty of the landscapes and the rich heritage are limitless.

environs-hotel-corps-isere Surroundings

Your weekend in Isère

Make the most of the beautiful days in Isère to visit Corps and the Notre-Dame de La Salette sanctuary.

corps-hotel-corps-isere Corps La Salette

An idyllic setting

This lake at the foot of Corps is highly prized for its turquoise water and water sports centre, perfect for families.

lac-du-sautet-hotel-corps-isere Sautet Lake

A beautiful jewel

Ecrins National Park, the biggest and most well-known French park is just a few kilometres from Corps.

le-parc-des-ecrins-hotel-corps-isere Parc des Ecrins
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